KLENK-IEP 2019 has arranged for special discounted group rates of $199.00 per room plus tax 12%, at the Ocean Sky Resort, on the beach in Ft. Lauerdale. Space is limited, is on a first come basis and reservations must be made through KLENK-IEP 2019. Reservations can be made through KLENK-IEP 2019 via  info@klenk-iep2019.com and may be paid either by check or providing your credit card information.  Requests should be sent to info@klenk-iep2019.com

For pre-cruise stay (dates: February 27-March 2, 2019), guests may also call our Ocean Sky Resort reservations at(954) 565-6611 and mention “Adventure of the Seas group” or group code: 130138.
·         For post-cruise stay (date: March 10-11, 2019), guests should call our Ocean Sky Resort reservations at (954) 565-6611 and mention “Adventure of the Seas POST-CRUISE” or group code: 130141.

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