Networking or “huviringid” will be included in the official program for the first time.

On the 2019 post-cruise survey, many people indicated that one of their most important goals was to meet others: either old acquaintances or other people with similar ethnic or other interests. All too often, they ended up connecting towards the end of the event.

The solution: Scheduling a series of “meet & greet” networking “huvirings” right at the start of KLENK-IEP. This will give everyone a chance to meet and mingle with other people who have the same interests. For example everyone who: grew up in the British zone of Germany; grew up in Toronto;grew up in the NY area; belongs to a specific academic organization (korporatsioon); is interested in “rahvatants, yoga, music, theater, Estonian literature; or anything else that you might have in mind. We are looking for themes and ideas, so please let us know.

We would like to have a “host” for every group. There is no work involved in being a “host”. The “host” only has to meet & greet the participants and help them mingle. Please let us know if you are interested in “hosting” a “huviring”. There will also be an “akadeemiline lõuna” where all members of academic organizations (korporatsioonid), will have the opportunity to enjoy a luncheon in one of the ship’s dining rooms. Fraternities and Sororities may also request a meeting time and space separately.

Forward requests, suggestions and host names to: Anne Liis Keelmann