Bus transfers are available on a limited basis and must be booked in advance of the date desired.  Please reserve early to insure availability for the desired transfer.  For information and registration please contact  info@klenk-iep2019.com
All bus requests may be confirmed in one of the following ways:
   Send e-mail to info@KLENK-IEP2019.com indicating the desired transfers AND make payment in one of the following ways.
  1. Mailing a check to KLENK-IEP at 160 W Camino Real, #179, Boca Raton, FL  33432.
  2. Paying the equivalent in Canadian funds to the KLENK-IEP account at the Eesti Pank in Toronto
  3. Payment can be made  via pay pal on KLENK-IEP.com ( https://klenk-iep2021.com/blog/bus-transfers/ )


Payment may be made in one of the three ways listed above. Due to limited space, bus transfer must be pre-ordered and pre-paid prior to KLENK- IEP 2019.  When using the pal button below please follow the following steps:

1) Choose the desired option by clicking on the arrow (v) at end of the line of February 28..

2) Click on the desired bus transfer

3) Choose the number of people desiring this transfer

4) Click on “Continue Shopping” – which will add your option and let you choose additional options for as many transfers as desired.

5) Repeat this process for all of the desired transfers.

6) Once you have chosen all of the desired transfers – click on “Check Out”

7) At check out – check the list of desired options and if accurate then complete the check out process.

Bus Transfer Options